Un-prepared & Over-dressed

I usually think it's funny but my husband doesn't, but that's what you get when you marry someone with ADHD

The Price of Big TVs, Theatre Systems and Cable…



I Should Be More Productive

Buuuut…I’m not. What I really should be doing is sorting through the massive amount of clothes we never wear that are sitting in the middle of the master bedroom so that when the DirecTV guy (or girl…I don’t mean to be sexist, but it usually IS a guy, right?!) comes on Wednesday, he can actually get to the tv… but what I’m really concerned about is that he doesn’t think I’m a bad wife or mom for having such a disaster of a bedroom.

It’s just soooo daunting because my husband and I have way too many clothes and not enough room to keep them all. Also, whenever I get dressed I try on like 15 different outfits and by the time I find something that I actually want to wear in public, I am either late or too tired to hang them or fold them back up. My husband does the same thing too, but he tells me that most of the clothes on the floor are mine (which is so not true). I’ll get to it after I feed my baby…after he sits in his swing for a while so that he doesn’t barf his bottle back up when I take him upstairs. What I really need is a single level house so I can get stuff done¬†without having¬†to spend 20 minutes carrying baby contraptions up and down the stairs, since being only 4 months old he can’t sit up or do anything other than yell at me. He’s just like his dad. It’s all the baby’s fault that I get nothing done. I only started the blog just now because I know he’s going to want to eat soon and there is no point in starting such a tedious task like the bedroom if he’s only going to scream at me as soon as I start.

I am the world’s best procrastinator (some say worst, but that makes no sense because if I was the worst than I would never procrastinate…because I would be terrible at it). It’s not that I don’t care. I really do- I am actually having a mini anxiety attack at this very moment because there are tons of things I need to get done…but instead, I’m writing about it.

Baby is yelling at me now…but feeding him IS VERY productive.

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